Sunday, June 2, 2013

Patient 9 Entry 6

The first Alpha for Patient 9 is up and ready. It's a super loose rough, all part of the scrumming process I touched on in Entry 1. You can download the game here.

Game Info
If you don't have Flash just open it in any Internet Browser.
Controls are: Z for talk/confirm. Arrow keys to move.
Typerwritters save your progress, just walk up to them and hit Z.

If you give it a whirl and feel like giving me feedback here are the main questions I have for you:
- how does the game feel (in it's rough stage)
- what mechanics, if any, would you want added to diversify game play (intended length is roughly 3 hour with moderate replayability)
- do you like the proportions on the sprites? ( I moved away from the RPG Maker anime/chibi look)
Of course anything else that comes to mind is appreciated. Just comment on this blog, or email me your feedback. Thanks a lot!

Back to game talk, I noticed a huge up surge in motivation after I got the Alpha out for people to play. That was a huge perk to scrumming/iterating game builds that my class experienced in school when we made our 3d game(Legends of Goldwing), during any long creative process you start to get burnt out over a lack of results and it starts to feel like a endless sea of tasks that go no where. But when you get to see something every few months showing progress you get revitalized start getting your enthusiasm back, for a bit. Now I'm finding it way easier to brainstorm ways to improve and rebuild Patient 9, and the feedback I'm getting from my friends is critically important since I started to develop tunnel vision on what I had and not what the game should and could be.

The next alpha should be out in 1-3 weeks, the last 7 days since the Alpha's completion I've has been pretty consistent getting work done. Right now my I've got a lot of polish lined up, a basic player Inventory system, and a few more complimentary mechanics coming down the pipeline. That's all for today's post, if you've got any questions or comment feel free to post them in the comments section below or email me at Thanks for reading!

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