Monday, April 9, 2018

Patient 9, Entry 10, Alpha v2.35 release

This is a halfway point between new builds.  I'm currently making decent progress on generating new level assets and upgrading old levels with them.  I also made a new walking animation for the player.

The main goals of this build are

  • Get feedback on the player new walk animation
  • Get feedback on some of the new level assets made (only implemented up to the basement)

Things I'm still open for feedback on from my previous build

  • Improve the main story by adding more dialogue and characters.
  • Increase the difficulty (less items, more enemies)

I've made a decent amount of progress since my last post (the new year) but I hoped I would have made some more by this point.

Here is a download link for the executable flash file.

If that doesn't work you can use the web version (not recommended, stencyl arcade has treated me like trash).

Feedback is appreciated, feel free to leave it as comments.

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