Sunday, July 29, 2018

UR Canadian Horror Story (Blue Moon) 3rd place PPTQ Report + Musings

My first PPTQ of the season went well, finished 3rd with UR Horror Tribal Blue Moon out of 49 players, below is what I battled with

Maindeck 1 Mountain

3 Steam Vents
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Polluted Delta
4 Opt
4 Serum Visions
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Snapcaster Mage
4 Thing in the Ice
3 Abrade
3 Cryptic Command
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
6 Island
3 Sulfur Falls
3 Blood Moon
2 Vendilion Clique
3 Thought Scour
2 Bedlam Reveler
1 Peek (I couldn't find my 4th Thought Scour and the stores stock was moved to another location)

1 Dispel
2 Roast
2 Izzet Staticaster
2 Spell Snare
2 Logic Knot
1 Crumble to Dust
1 Negate
3 Anger of the Gods

Random sideboarding note:
Since Bedlam Reveler is it a bit of a nombo with counterspells you typically go down to 1 or 0 when you board in a shit load.

Round 1 vs UW Control:  0-2
G1 opponent kept 2 cards on top from serum visions  with search for azcanta in play.  I excitedly (noobishly) tried to thought scour the 2 cards my opp left on top.   Opp responded with opt and ended up keeping the goods.  My thought scour ended up turbo'ing a search flip which lead to a securely turn 4 slammed Teferi I couldn't deal with.  

Game 2 I kept a 1 lander on the play with serum visions and opt, did not get there.  I'm pretty sure the math is reasonable on hitting my second land with 6 looks at 20 hits.

Round 2 vs GW Turbo Vizier Combo:  2-0
Opponents deck had Lightning Greaves and Wild Cantor to power out a super fast Devoted Druid + Vizer Combo kill.   G1 I bolted a bird, opp only had 1 land and stalled for 13 years.  G2 was grindy but opp had a slower draw, I was able to flip TiTi (Thing In The Ice) and ride the game out.

Round 3 vs Humons:  2-0
G1 I flipped TiTi early against a slower start, cards were traded, damaged was raced, but opp flooded and never drew reflector mage.  G2 I drew 3 lightning bolts and 3 Snapcasters, opp gave up before I could get my 4th land for Jace TMS.

Round 4 vs UR Thing In the Ice:  2-0
Game 1 I was able to take initiative with 2 TiTi's and a resolved Jace but because I only have Cryptics as counters I wasn't able to p[properly stop any bounces so my early game advantage got stalled out.  The game got pretty close but I was able to close it out with double bolt.  Game 2 is a bit of a blur since it was a 20 turn grind-athon but I was able to draw a few less lands.  One "neat" play from game 2 was opp attacked with Awoken Horror vs my TiTi at 1, I blocked, Bolted awoken horror, flipped, opps Awoken Horror died.  Never thought I'd see the day where two TiTis battled it out.

Round 5 vs GW Combo/ValueStuff:  1-1
Lost die roll, game 1 I tapped out for TiTi on the draw, died to vizer combo.  Opp received a game loss for a deck reg error.   Game 3 I angered the board and opponent flooded, despite drawing little interaction Iwas able to lock up the game with TiTi and Jace.

Round 6 vs Intentional Draw:  1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Ended up in 4th place going into top 8.

Quarterfinals vs UW Control (Round 1 REMATCH!): 2-0
I had choice of play.  G1 TiTi got pathed on my t3 upkeep.I slammed Jace on turn 4 vs 2 open mana, it stuck!  42 0 loyalty activations later I won.    Game 2 I got to board in many counters so I didn't have windmill slam threats praying for no counterspell.  I ended up with a huge mana advantage from TiTi's getting pathed repeatedly.  I boarded down to 1 Blood Moon and was justly put under massive pressure from a Celestial Collonade.  Between V clique and Tiago beats I was able to close the game out with double bolt'ing the opp with only 12 cards left in my deck.

Semifinals vs UR Thing In The Ice:  0-2
What the hell, two mirrors in the same day?  Toronto's metagame is messed up and super blue heavy.  My opponents deck was better positioned for the mirror, he had remand, electrolyzes, and cryptics.  I only have cryptics.  Game 1 I tried slamming Jace TMS but it got dealt with and slowly elctro + bolt beat down.  Eventually I slowly got ground down by the superior card advantage of my opp. Game 2 was a repeat of game 1 more or less :(  

It sucked to lose in the semis but I cant feel too bad about losing to a mirror when the opponents build is better for the mirror and I already stole two matches from better blue decks in Round 4 & in the Quarterfinals.  My expectations going in was I'd be happy with being in top 8 contention or making top 8, so I at least I exceeded expectations.

Takeaways from PPTQ and recent streams (click here for vods).

  • Maindecking Blood Moon might not be correct anymore.  Most decks seems relatively resistant to it at the moment, most matches I've been playing lately I've been boarding them out.  I'll probably be shifting the 3 to the sideboard.
  • I shaved Remands from the main after GP Toronto side event grinding since so many decks aren't affected by it (Humons, RB Hollow One, Lucky Etronzi players, etc) and if you ever draw 2 Remands vs any of those decks it's Game Over.  I might have to add 2 or 3 back to do the deck (see below).
  • For local tournies I might have to tweak my list to have a bit more game vs all the blue decks (UW, UWR, UR, etc).  Remands and/or Electrolyze might be in order.
  • Tron is a garbage matchup after Remands got removed.  +1 for re-adding some Remands
  • Bedlam Reveler might be a casualty of the previous points since main decking counterspells doesn't work well with it.  
  • BR Vine is a $#!%&ed up deck.  Maindeck Anger of the Gods and SB Surgical Extractions  are under consideration. 

I was planning on trying out UR Breach next week on stream but I'm excited to iterate on UR Canadian Horror Story some more.  If you're interested in seeing how it goes please follow meh stream (click here) and I'll show good games for my fans.  

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